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June 24, 2021

SpottR Activates Community Programs in Other African Countries

Intensifies on strategic engagements prior to its app launch

SpottR has activated online community groups in an effort to enhance strategic engagements across Africa in preparation for its version one app launch coming up early next month.

SpottR now has community programmes in Kenya, Ghana, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Nigeria —…

Being an online entrepreneur means you have to always be ahead of your competitors. Just like any other business place, the online space is saturated. Every day, new vendors and competitors are coming onboard. Growing your business can pose a challenge.

You need to attract more customers to increase sales…

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A few people might frown at the thought of a loan. You constantly hear people say “debt dey fear me! Are loans really that bad? The answer is no. Loans can be a lifesaver when the circumstances are dire and urgent. various loan types serve the purpose of saving one…

business funding opportunities for startups and small businesses

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You have a feasible idea, you have concluded all analysis to help you validate this business idea. Everything looks good. Now, you are at a point where you need to execute your idea to begin running a business. The big issue; how do you fund this valid idea? …

check out these practical ways to conquer unemployment

Chris has been without a job for the past 12months. He has just completed his National Youth Corp. Chris used to be very optimistic about getting a job immediately after school.

But these days, he isn’t sure about that anymore. Chris is beginning to feel the heat of staying unemployed…


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